“Sneha Sinchana” registered as a Charitable Trust in India, aims to contribute to society by molding our country's future generations into men and women enriched with honesty and sound knowledge, saturated with love and faith along with immense strength of conviction and belief. SNEHA SINCHANA TRUST (R) is a non-profit organization aimed for social service to society in the best possible ways.

The trust is dedicated to the incremental development of the rural area and underprivileged children who have enormous potential but are deprived of opportunities and facilities. We realized that to change the face of the country, a wise, courageous and responsible person is essential. Unless we create a large group of such people who could take over various responsibilities in the country and prove their true worth, India cannot realize its potential as a nation.

Through 'Sneha Sinchana”, we shall try to form that group which can become the country's strength. If we succeed, then the children of tomorrow will get a better future and can live meaningful and contented lives.

"Children are living beings - more living than grown-up people who have built shells of habit around themselves. Therefore it is absolutely necessary for their mental health and development that they should not have mere schools for their lessons, but a world whose guiding spirit is personal love."

Our story:

We originated with the team name as "Funatics" formed by a group of Friends from Engineering Background in the Year 2008 to stay in touch after college days through get-together, birthday celebrations, hiking, and Tours. In 2009, engagement activities extended towards social services such as career counseling at rural schools, meet and greet at old age homes, eco-friendly campaigns, health campaigns, and lighting up villages. To formalize the activities, we officially registered as "Sneha Sinchana Trust (R)" in Dec 2013. We embrace and welcome everyone to join us and to be part of a good cause.

"A good Education is the inalienable right of every child"

A huge chunk of India's potential goes waste because the parents of children from poor families, despite knowing (or even not knowing) the value of education, cannot afford it for their children. Only a handful of well -organized private schools offer world-class education in India, and a very small percentage of our population, the extremely wealthy, can access the same. The budding of thousands of talented children from such poor families gets limited only because of financial constraints. The realization that these children need a new school where they can educate themselves to compete with a world-class education without spending a penny was the dream which finally framed 'Sneha Sinchana Trust.' In our Organization believes that children should not bury their noses in books only. They should parallelly engage with innovation, imagination, and creativity. Sneha Sinchana also believes that the children need to root themselves in the rich values and traditions that define our country. The Trust is dedicated to the incremental development of the underprivileged children who have immense potential but are deprived of opportunities and amenities. The Trust has taken the oath to make them aware of the need to build & prepare themselves first before they can contribute to others. These children would be the gift to society – we do not doubt for a moment that these active dreamers and doers, movers and shakers would surely change the face of society!

Our Vision

Sneha Sinchana Trust visualizes a society in which peace, justice, and equality prevail and strives to build an India where all people have access to education, healthcare, employment, housing & sanitation, and economic self-reliance, and where all Indians can realize their full potential offsetting barriers of caste, creed, color, language, and gender.

Our Mission

Rebuild the human dignity of the poor and marginalized through an empowerment process, Education, food security, Health Care, employment to unemployed and create opportunities for a sustainable society. Our mission is the bringing of educational opportunity and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities have previously been denied to poverty family circumstances or oppression.